About the MAINSOC project


The MAINSOC project has the following specific objectives:

To provide detailed quantitative evidence on real wage dynamics across the EU-27 countries (if data is available), including sectoral differences
To provide quantitative evidence on the distributional impact of inflation by looking at the real wage gap between workers with different wage levels
To analyse the role of industrial relations institutions in accounting for differences between countries in the evolution of real wages and wage differentials 
To analyse the short-term responses in collective agreements to the inflation shock in two sectors, selected on the basis of results from quantitative analysis .
To analyse the medium-term adaptation of collective bargaining to a context of moderate inflation in the medium term
To provide a set of recommendations to governments and social partners on those policies that are more likely to combine a recovery of purchasing power of wages, with a reduction in wage differentials without jeopardising growth prospects and competitiveness.
To provide recommendations to social partners on a number of mechanisms facilitating the adaptation of collective bargaining to an inflationary setting without triggering wage-price spirals.